Jul 22 2010

Good God Jordan Carver

Published by Brock Landers at 11:00 am under Model

Of all the women in the world who haven’t shown their nipples to the public I count 2 that matter the most.  The first, Denise Milani, I’ve spoken to and I’m pretty sure it would take the President himself, and an entire mansion filled with cash to get her to take her bra off.  The second?  Well you see her right here:  Jordan Carver.

The difference between the two is that Carver is way more erotic and a tease than Milani.  Don’t get me wrong.  Milani toys with us in her own way.  But Jordan Carver does not mess around.  She grabs her tits.  She oils herself.  She basically does everything in the world to say “I have the best bombs in the entire world and there’s zero chance my nipple pops out.”

Thanks Jordan!  Excuse me while I go punch a three year old kid to go feel better about myself.

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